I am an Environmental Scientist who graduated from ETH in April 2006. In my thesis I investigated the bioavailability of Cd, Zn, and Mn for algae and their influence on algal growth. I also investigated the speciation of these metals in freshwaters to relate metal speciation to uptake and accumulation in freshwater algae. This work was performed at the Federal Institute for Aquatic Science, Eawag, in the group of Laura Sigg.

As of October 2007 I am working as Regulatory Affairs Manager at Celgene International in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. And this is much more exciting as you might think it is!

A more official version of my life can be found in my Curriculum Vitae, but there are more things that I consider interesting. For example travelling :) 

If you are interested in my work, travels or life, drop me an email at: toepperwien (at) gmx.net