(not that stupid stuff along the railway tracks)

This one actually got me started with photographing graffitis. In 1996 the British were somewhat delicate about the topic of beef and BSE.

Seen on Lanzarote in 2001. Reads like "Out with those Germans who are about to by the island"

Seen in Venice. "Against the State. Against the Church. Against the Capital."

I've seen this one 2003 in Florence; it translates to "Bush, you terrorist, you are first on the list!" Always a bit political, these Italians.

Another about Gerorge W., this time in Zürich, demanding "Freedom for George W. Bush". Yes, let him be free (and us as well).

Yes, also the sprayers out in the French country-side between Cahors and Albi have their say. "Free Bové", referring to José Bové, who was under arrest in 2002.

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