Friends and Family

Everybody is talking about social webs these days. Sometimes I think that most these people are not able to establish a contact in real life. So, here a non-compehensive list of people I met without the internet (even before the internet) but who do have their own homepages.

Probably you have already noticed Stefanies Place on the main page.

I met Jürg in the climbing hall. Recently he moved down under. Apparently, the conditions for kiting are better there.

At work in Zürich I met Alessandro. He went back to Italy despite the crappy government that keeps on cutting his research funding. Another work contact is Derk, also working in PV.
When the housing situation got a little difficult, Stefanie and Matt let me rent their closet. You might even spot me somewhere in his picture gallery.
Around that time I also met Marco. Together with his brother he manages one of the biggest private pages in Switzerland. Check it out, if you want to know about anything going on in space.

Andreas and Barbara are keen Mountain Bikers and lately they also got into distance running. Don't worry, I knew them before they turned into sports, in fact I had Maths and Physics at school with Andreas.
The contact to Stefan dates back to the same time, he got into engineering though. Contact him if you want to gear up your life (literally!).