According to my professional certificate I am a Physicist. What does that mean? I checked it with the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary:
physi·cist /|fIZISISt/ n expert in, student of, physics

phys·ics /|fIZIkS/ n (with sing v) The science, or group of sciences, treating the properties of matter and energy, or of the action of the different forms of energy on matter in general (excluding Chemistry, which deals specifically with the different forms of matter, and Biology, which deals with vital energy).

Now. I am reluctant about that expert, but I think I can claim the one about the "Student of Physics". I studied Physics at the Universities of Ulm and Waikato. After receiving my diploma I went to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zürich and enrolled for a PhD course. This earned me the title "Doctor of Natural Sciences (Dr. Sc. Nat.)". The photos show how I tried to hypnotize the rector at the graduation ceremony.

OK. But what is a doctor?

doctor /|dkt(r)/ n.
In the dictionary there are more than a dozen different meanings, nice ones are these two:
spec. A doctor of medicine; in popular current use, applied to any medical practitioner. Also, a wizard or medicine man in a primitive tribe.

fig. Applied humorously to any agent that gives or preserves health; esp. in the West Indies, S. Africa, and W. Australia, a cool sea-breeze which usually prevails during part of day in summer. colloq.

My favourite:
10. Something used to 'doctor' or adulterate food or drink; e.g. a liquor mixed with inferior wine to make it more palatable, or with light-coloured wine (as sherry) to darken it; hence, a name for brown sherry. (slang or colloq.)
Or what about this?
12. Old slang. A false or loaded die.

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